Outsourcing: Which Jobs Will Go?

Jobs Going: mainly sitting at a desk, working on a computer, talking on the phone

Jobs Staying: require a lots of personal contact

- elementary and secondary schools need someone on-site teachers
- college professors are more at risk because of online learning.

- production work can move to cheaper locations; writers, actors and directors need to understand American culture.

Health Care:
- billing, lab work and reading X-rays can be done anywhere.
- anyone who touches a patient -- doctors, nurses, physical therapists -- needs to be close at hand.

Human Resources:
- payroll and benefits processing jobs can go offshore; recruiters cannot.

People-intensive occupations:
- hard to send offshore
- eg. child care, police, firefighters, chefs, interior designers, attorneys, financial planners.
- who will have the money to hire these people is another question

Marketing, Advertising, Media:
- likely to stay here because they require an understanding of American culture.

- hard to export because they require interaction with a wide range of people.
- but company wide projects in global companies are handled by global teams

Sales: hard to outsource.

- programming is leaving but not all roles (eg. Solutions Architects and Client Relationship executives)

Companies that help other companies move work offshore include: Accenture, Affiliated Computer Services, Bearing Point (formerly KPMG Consulting), Convergys, EXL Service, IBM, OfficeTiger and WNS Global Services.

via San Francisco Chronicle

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