Those Krazy Kandidates

I've been working on a search at the Director-VP level. It's a good job and many people find it attractive. But, as you know, many are called and few are chosen. And those who aren't chosen sometimes don't take it very well.

This past week I've had two ambitious people try to go around me by sending their resumes directly to the client themselves. Here's how one justified her action (in so many words):

"Yes, I agree that where good recruiters are concerned they generally do make good calls on who to put forward. On the other hand, we get the chance to be reviewed for other opportunities if we hazard a shot and go over the wall".

Other opportunities? She closed by saying she'd be glad to help me source people in the future and reminded me that if there's ever any opportunity that sounds like it would suit her, hey, why not give her a call. Yeah, why not? Anyone need a bold candidate?

If so, here's another. This guy told me his wife delivered his resume to the company without his knowledge.

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