Digging Into Major Accomplishments

Tell me about your most significant accomplishment. This entails:

1) Specific results - 2) How long it took - 3) Importance to the company
4) Why you were chosen - 5) Three or four biggest challenges and how you dealt with them

6) Examples of leadership and initiative - 7) Major decisions made
8) Resources and how you made more available - 9) Technical skills you needed - 10) Technical skills learned and how long it took

11) Role you played - 12) The team and reporting relationships - 13) Biggest mistakes you made - 14) How you changed - 15) What you would do differently

16) Parts of the project you enjoyed - 17) Aspects you didn't care for
18) Budget. Your role in preparing and managing it - 19) How you did on the project vs. the plan

20) How you developed the plan - 21) How you motivated and influenced others (examples) - 22) How you dealt with conflict (examples) - 23) Anything else you felt was important to success

Ask for 2 to 3 individual and team accomplishments for the past 5 to 10 years. See the growth over time.

Ask about accomplishments that relate to your specific needs (eg, "Describe your biggest accomplishment in setting up manufacturing scheduling systems.")

The answer could take 15-20 minutes. Few people can give this information without prompting.

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