Competition Everywhere

Online for a week and already it's starting.

The Truth Laid Bear features a New Blogs Showcase. To join, you vote for three other entries. I joined. Here are my choices.

Flummery: Political satire featuring fake news stories. It made me laugh.

Greater Nomadic Council has a long review of a book about advertising and the 1960s. He claims that we are still rebelling against the 50s.

I disagree. The 50s were never really left behind. Some pre-modern authoritarianism was dumped and, ironically, certain aspects of modern culture were also muted. But the latter came back in the 1980s in a cultural self-correction and we have been living in a surprising mix of the fifties and sixties ever since.

Since 2001, most of our rebellious spirit has been absorbed in a battle with the middle ages on the global scene. And, to some extent, this has forced fifties and sixties types to recognize eachother as allies on the side of liberal freedom.

December 17. I like the ongoing tag line: Recovery Starts Today. And I liked the style of writing about his quasi-heart-attack. It made me want to read on.

Thanks to Being American In T.O. and to Metastasis for their comments on us.

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