Improve Your Image

Casting director, Sam Christensen teaches businesspeople to be as charasmatic as movie stars.

Great actors, apparently, have only a slight gap between how they feel and what they show. So he promotes self-disclosure.

He wants people to say, "I'm willing to be myself in front of you."

Why is self-disclosure powerful? Because people think, "He's honest about his limits and he's not shy about them either. He's got guts." And guts are attractive.

And, there's an easy way to get people to love your bad side.
Show them how they can benefit.

For instance:

Yeah, I'm a bastard, but that's why you want me on your side.
Yeah, I'm a pussy-cat, but that's why I'm nice to have around.
Yes, I'm ambitious, but I'm gonna take you and a lot of other good people with me.

So, how can you hate that?

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