Are You Overpaid?

Well according to this Calgary Herald story you might be if you work in any of the following professions:

1 Heads of government agencies and corporations.
2 Auto workers in unionized shops.
3 Executives of technology companies.
4 Senior pilots for major network carriers.
5 Bank executives.
6 Lacklustre professional athletes.
7 Beer salespersons
8 Mergers and acquisitions consultants.
9 Municipal bureaucrats.
10 University professors.

Notice headhunters aren't on the list? Think about that the next time you are trying to nickel and dime us on fees.

In case you are wondering what the norm is in Canada:

The average income of a Canadian over 15 with a university certificate, diploma or degree in 2001: $48,648. The average Canadian personal income the same year: $28,076.

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