The Leadership Secrets of CIO's

Techies think the world revolves around technology. It's your job to tell them it doesn't. Technology serves business. Make sure they know it.

5 Essentials for Leading Techies

1. To lead techies you've got to know some IT. They don't like people who don't understand what they do.

2. Techies aren't sales reps. You can't bribe them to meet targets.

Create general conditions that make them happy and they will be motivated.
(eg establish career paths, set achievable, measurable goals)

When motivating techies, a hands-off philosophy works best. They don't need cushy perks, personal recognition or bonuses; they thrive on solving problems creatively.

3. Don't let them work alone. Make sure they share info.

4. Brag for IT
Techies are rather shy. So, you take care of the introductions.
Make sure the business knows how nerds contribute to strategic goals.

5. Make the business goals really clear
Explain dept goals, project priorities, individual responsibilities as they relate to the overall business goals.

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