Chinese Asstrology And Business Success

Chinese Asstrology has 12 signs. According to this science, some signs are more successful than others. And the most successful is the Dragon.

Forbes Magazine notes that 43 people on its Forbes 400 List - about 11% - were born in Dragon years. That's a little more than any of the other Chinese signs.

Does that seem exciting? Not to me. I'm a Dragon and I'm not incredibly wealthy. But, Bill Gates is a Sheep and Warren Buffett is a Horse and they are! Like, what's up with that?

Among the successful Dragons are Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Intel co-founder, Gord Moore and Gap co-founder, Don Fisher. Sounds more like the year of the co-founder to me.

Here's the full Breakdown of the Forbes 400 by Chinese Sign.
My advice? If you're a Rooster, don't worry about it.

U.S. Rich List (%)
Dragon - 10.75%
Monkey - 10.5
Horse - 9.5
Pig - 9.5
Ox - 9.25
Tiger - 8.5
Sheep - 7.75
Rat - 7.25
Snake - 7.25
Dog - 7
Rabbit - 6.75
Rooster - 6

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