Are Men Out To Get Women?

Margaret Wente of the Globe & Mail thinks that men are afraid of successful business women. Of Martha Stewart, she writes:

Men are generally much harder on her than women are. In an informal focus group, conducted with the men in my immediate vicinity, I found that 100 per cent of them are dying to see her in the slammer. I chalk it up to primal fear. They really want to see a terrifyingly successful, domineering uber-female cut down to size.

Where did she take this poll? In Toronto, or Afghanistan? Anthony and I are not aware of such an attitude. But, maybe, we're dumb. Or, perhaps, as headhunters, we lead sheltered lives.

So, we'd be curious to know if you think this anachronism is still alive and well in people under 70. I hardly think so, but I'm willing to be surprised.

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