By Any Means Necessary

A client just received this email from one of my more enterprising candidates and passed it on to me.

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Dear Joe: A brief introduction -- I worked with Johnny Friendly at Waterfront Securities for a number of years and then moved to The Happy Burrito as Director of Refried Beans.

Following that, I went the entrepreneurial route for a few years and I'm now in search of an exciting and challenging corporate position.

I heard about the position you are currently trying to fill through the Canadian Headhunter, and after a brief conversation with him, he determined I was not the right fit for the position.

I reviewed the job profile a number of times and think I would be a great
candidate and would love the opportunity to meet with you about the position.

I know Johnny spoke with you on my behalf and I'm grateful that you are willing to review my C.V. and hopefully that will lead to a follow up discussion.

Feel free to respond by e-mail or give me a call at: ... or cell#... at any time.

Best regards,

PS: The entrepreneurial route means: "I worked for a startup that flopped after six months and then I went to work in my husband's troubled firm". And, oh yes, you can see by my treatment of the Canadian Headhunter that you can trust me completely with all sorts of confidential information.

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