The Ugly Americans?

Do you ever get the impression from the news that all Americans are super-sized? I was in Detroit on Sunday night and if you think you can believe me, I'm telling you that they're not. They're just normal.

And, hey, I hate to over-generalize but I was at a rock concert and somehow, the people seemed more relaxed and happy and friendly than in Toronto. It might have been because there were lots of guys selling big glasses of cold beer in the centre of every hallway and lots of people were drinking them.

And, one more thing. When the main show started, everyone was out of his and her seat from the word go. I remember going to a concert in Buffalo and that wasn't the case there and it sure wasn't so last time I was at a big show in Toronto, but, here, it really made it a lot of fun.

But, then, this was the Vote For Change concert so these were the good Americans, weren't they? Now, the other guys, I'm sure that they fit the bill.

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