Parrallel Universe?

"The recession and dot-com implosion forced many people to change jobs multiple times in recent years,' notes James Hunt, an executive recruiter in Manhattan."

A recession strictly defined is when the economy CONTRACTS for at least two consecutive quarters (6 months). Despite the use of the word this hasn't happened since about 1992.

The American economy did contract a couple of times in 2000-2001 but never for more than one quarter and always rebounding very strongly the following quarter.

In fact in the past three years it has grown an average of 2.5%.

Perhaps Mr. Hunt got into recruiting after 1992 and hasn't experienced a real recession which often takes a year or two to really recover from. 1992 was bad but talk to some headhunters who were around in 1980-81. That one was a doozy.

Oh the quote came from an article about email security which you can read here.

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