Resume Blues

This was in a mediocre resume from an OK guy.

· Having in-depth experience in handling Accounts, Finance, Auditing and Taxation   functions in mid sized organizations.
English isn't his first language but he didn't have a native Canadian read his resume to correct minor errors.
· CGA from Certified General Accountants of Ontario and CPA from University of   XXX, USA.
He's got this in the Professional Qualifications section too. What's the point of repeating it?
· Well organised, prioritise the activities and focus to complete the assignments in time.
· Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
· Hard working, adaptable and willing to update skills in latest concepts and   technology.
· Analytical, detailed-oriented and ability to manage multi-tasks
This is "mere fluff". That's what they call it in law when the restaurant on the corner advertises "Best Roast Beef In Town". It's meaningless self-advertisement; not to be trusted.

I'll bet any money that if I asked this guy for evidence of these characteristics he'd be taken aback - which means he just put the stuff in without thinking about it because he thinks it's what I want to hear.

Listen, friends, we take it for granted that you want us to think you're a highly-motivated and organized person even if you're not. So, telling us how great you are without evidence is meaningless. If you didn't win a prize for it or a special commendation, leave it out.
Professional Qualifications
· Certified General Accountant (CGA) from the Certified General Accountants of   Ontario.
· Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the University of XXX, USA.
· Chartered Accountant (CA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
This section should have been at the top of the resume. No dates. He didn't want me to see that he just got his CGA this year and got his CA in the 70s.
References: Available upon request.
Waste of space. I'll ask for them whether you offer or not.
Education: MISSING
I emailed him about his education. He sent a reply without a date. I emailed back asking when he graduated. 1973. He obviously left out his education so I wouldn't know. He also left out all of his experience before 1989. Is that a bad idea? No, but as soon as we see a missing date we know the reason.

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