Ay Yi Yi, The Resume Wiki

Funk soul brother, Jeremy at Ensight, has a wicked frikkin' feature called The Resume Wiki.

ResumeWiki is a community edited resume centre. You post your profile (goals, etc) and resume and anyone is free to edit it or post comments on it. You are free to omit personal information (this is primarily about improving your resume, not getting you exposure).

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Far out, dude! This is really unique. So check it out, now!

PS: Wicki. Isn't that a funky word? I hate it. It seems so...odd. I mean, "blog" makes some sense. Apparently it comes from "www" but that doesn't mean "world wide wicki". How about "collaborative blog" shortened to "coblog" or "cog"? Or Wide Open Blog shortened to Wog.

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