A Day in the Life....

I found this quote from a British newspaper : describing the world of executive search:

"This is a world in which long-term relationships are built up with executives, who in turn use the executive search company that appointed them when they are in a position to hire others. Those relationships are carefully nurtured and maintained, providing a constant support for executives in difficulty. New candidates and old contacts are kept sweet through frequent contact, with lunches, cocktail bashes and the quiet chat over a gin and tonic, or two."

Wow! My life sure is glamorous.


I would describe it more like this:

This is a world of hundreds of phone calls. Of database mining and resume reading until you go blind. It is a world of clients with unrealistic expectations of market conditions and of candidates who mysteriously disappear off the face of the earth at the minute they get cold feet. But most of all it is a world of people who have no friends or acquaintances of a professional nature. Who when asked if they know anyone who would be a fit for a particular job develop professional amnesia over everyone they have ever worked with over their entire career.

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