The Cold Hard Facts of Life.

I talk to up to a hundred people a day sometimes. I get resumes from lots of people that I recruit for potential opportunities. Some aren't a fit for the jobs I am working on. Should I call them all back and tell them?

Nick Crocodilos thinks so:

But some people who call themselves headhunters are little more than coldhearted opportunists, who are just looking to build up their list of job candidates to impress their clients.

Sorry but most clients I know aren't impressed by a list of "job candidates" unless they are qualified.

The headhunter has an obligation to follow up with you, even if his client decides against further interviews.

Just like the candidate has an obligation to return my calls when he or she has decided the job is no longer of interest? The return phone call is a two way street.

Such headhunters destroy their reputations when they treat job candidates like this.

Why does he keep using the term "job candidates"? We all know what a candidate is.

Look I'll let you in on a secret. We all hate being the bearers of bad news. Sometimes clients don't want to see our candidate for reasons that are mysteries to even us. Sometimes we have candidates who simply can't take no for an answer. The best way to look at it is this: If they want me they will call me if not forget about it.

I have been on plenty of job interviews myself and if I didn't hear back I just assumed I wasn't being moved to the next step.

I know what some of you are thinking: "But I want to know why I was not considered". Trust me you wont get the real truth even if they call you. Here's the truth: They didn't like you. They liked someone else better. Get over it. Move on.

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