The Most Famous Canadian

As everyone is the world knows by now, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp is running a contest to discover The Greatest Canadian.

But, really folks, you and I know that greatness is not measurable.

What you end up with is Deb Grey, Canada's first female leader of a biker gang, promoting Pierre Trudeau because she found him sexy when she was in junior high. And nobody promoting Gabriel Dumont. And everybody whining that it isn't fair.

So, I'm starting a more reasonable contest on this blog. THE MOST FAMOUS CANADIAN. That, at least is measurable in objective terms. If Shania Twain is selling a few million records a year and maybe 10,000 people in the world know who Johnny Macdonald was, then the Ms Nice Flat Gut deserves to win. Doesn't she?

So, come on, friends, use the Comments section to cast a vote. And please indicate your point of origin. Candidates get one point per Canadian vote. Two points per US vote. And three points for each vote from outside the Canadian world.

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