Resume Quiz II

What should your resume resemble, an invoice for services rendered or an invitation to a fancy dinner?

Which one of these would you prefer to see in a resume?
A. Efficiently hired, strategically trained, cost-effectively supervised, and objectively motivated subordinate staff.
B. - hired, trained, supervised and motivated subordinate staff

Grade these Good or Bad:
a. A resume is more than two pages long.
b. A resume is jam-packed with words without any empty spaces.

Grade these Yes or No:
Will it help you get a job if you insert puffy adverbs in front of all your verbs?
(eg. successfully completed, efficiently managed)

Will employers think that you're after an unchallenging and irresponsible position in which your ability, training and experience can be ineffectively and unprofitably ulitized unless you tell them otherwise?

Do employers want you to announce on your own say-so that you are an organized, hard-working, heads-down professional?

If you worked somewhere from 1990 to 1991, should you specify the months you started and left so that the employer knows it was more than December to January?

Does an employer want simple facts and figures about your experience?

Should you include a photo of yourself in your resume?

Should you include graduation dates?

Should you list positions you held over ten years ago?

Should you try to hide the fact that you are over forty?


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