War for Talent Update

Apparently London has a shortage of qualified accountants. Just last week I was mentioning how the recent trends in North America around litigation had led to increased demand for Auditors. Seems the trend is not just North American.

Recruiters delighted by accountant shortage:

The war for talent between accountancy firms is giving a boost to financial recruitment specialists as firms struggle to find staff because of a dearth of professionals in London and the South East.
Link: Graduates get up to speed in job search
Specialist recruiter Hayes yesterday announced 17% net fee income growth in July and August, up from 11% for the 12 months to June 30.
Similarly, Robert Walters has seen net fee income shoot up by 21% over the past eight months, The Guardian reported.
Denis Waxman, chief executive at Hays, said 'quite big shortages' were also driving double-digit growth in the salaries of recently qualified accountants

Take note of the last line you bean counters. Double-digit growth in salaries!!

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