Psychopaths Make Great Candidates

Not all psychopaths are violent killers. Many hold normal jobs and can be very attractive candidates.

They're typically charming, confident and ambitious. They have strong verbal skills and tell a good story. And this makes people believe in them.

And a psychopath can be good for a business. A stock market focusing on short-term results demands ruthless leaders who aren't afraid to take fast and hard action without looking back. That's ideal for a psychopath who has no sense of remorse and wouldn't think twice about closing down a plant.

Psychopathic salespeople can also be useful because there's no stopping them. If you throw them out the front door they do go 'round the back.

There is a downside, however. Psychopaths are thrill-seekers so they don't fit into slow-moving bureaucratic companies. And they hate tedious detail work so they leech off other employees who get angry and, eventually, leave. Which can lead to personnel and morale problems.

via Alternative Perspectives via By Ghosh The Price is Right

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