Suits Me

I believe men should wear suits to work if they work in an office. I hate casual Fridays and I hate the mock turtleneck and golf shirt look that is so popular right now.

So I was heartened yesterday to find this piece of good news:

The suit is back, and America's boardrooms and bars are looking smart again.

While Internet millionaires in T-shirts and faded jeans set the style standard for men during the late 1990s, dress pants and dress shirts, jackets, suits and ties have made a comeback.

"It got so casual, the guy looked like he slept in his golf shirt. His khakis were wrinkled beyond belief and his shoes made him look like he was going to paint the house," says Marshal Cohen, chief retail industry analyst at market research firm The NPD Group.

This trend got so bad that candidates would often show up for interviews without a jacket and tie. Sorry that left an incredibly bad impression on me. Thank God it's over.

Now go pick up a copy of GQ and head down to your local tailor and order a nice made to measure suit and a couple of shirts with French cuffs to go with it. You will look and feel like a million bucks.

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