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Here is a blog used as a personal website by a job-hunter. I think it works and it's free so I highly recommend creating such a blog to everyone whether you are currently looking for a job or not.

If a headhunter calls you and you've got a professional profile easily available online along with a few other relevant details in other entries, it could prove very useful.

He links to a resume off-site. If anyone wants to do that but doesn't know how, ask the question in the comments section here or email him. Many bloggers are generous with sharing bits of technical information.

My Critique

This guy is a technical writer so, it would be nice if he could add some samples of his work to the site but he says that this material is too confidential.

I'm not sure if I would post a picture. This one, in particular, looks a bit too home-made to me. And, am I wrong or is he trying to appear patriotic by having his head beside the Washington monument? Is that an American "thang"?

Also, he let his resume and relocation entries fall further down on his blog. A huge mistake. I would repost them every day as the top entries and let everything go below them.

Or I would post them as permanent LINKS on the side of the page. (I don't see a Links section there but it is a standard part of Blogger's format). He could also post his email address under the EMAIL ME section which, also, is missing here.

Regarding the subtitle of his blog. a) It's too long. And b) I would cut the part about the site presenting "extraneous thoughts that may get me fired before I'm even hired!" Sorry, but that sounds dumb.

If you're not smart enough to leave iffy material out, I would think twice about hiring you. I would leave the subtitle at this: "This site presents my working life for potential employers".

On the positive side, Rob reduced the size of font in the blog's title. That takes a little tinkering with the HTML code of the blog's template. And, it looks better than yesterday, though a bit bigger wouldn't hurt either - as long as it fits on one line.

Finally, Rob, you might want to take a look at Ensight on which Jeremy has ongoing conversations with his most cherished potential employers (The blogging Moon Gals at Microsoft).

I emailed Rob yesterday and he expressed an openess to feedback, so, if anyone has any you would be doing him a favour by giving it.

PS: Life Of A Guy describes a recent interview (and his blunt reaction to the subsequent rejection). I found his entries interesting but I wouldn't post it on the kind of blog I have been discussing above. I say that just in case anyone is too dumb to realize that himself. Or, hey, maybe you should. Depends what you're after, eh?

PPS: Darren Barefoot comments: "CH's critique is right on. Dude, replace that photo--it looks like the last known shot of a suspected terrorist".

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