Ignorance of The Law Is An Excuse

You email a memo to your staff. It asks them to kindly read a policy posted on your intranet. One knucklehead doesn't read the policy. Is he bound by it?

No, says a Boston court. People get so much meaningless email, you can't expect them to take it seriously.

In Campbell v. General Dynamics, the company has proof that Campbell opened the email. But there is no evidence that he read it or followed the hyperlinks to the intranet.

The lesson? Make your employees email confirmation that they have read the policy. And have your IT systems track their access to internal websites.

And, bosses, stop writing crappy messages.

The General Dynamics email had a bland title, the policy was vaguely described in the 3rd paragraph but only in the 5th paragraph did it say it was really important.

More here and here via Lisa Parker-Bowles @ Recruiting.com

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