When It Comes To Dreams We're All Little Kids

When a little kid is determined to go after something he can't have, like a glass vase, you can't argue with him about it. He's too young to understand. You have to divert his attention to something attractive that he can have, like a stuffed animal.

Likewise, when it comes to job offers, candidates are idealists. They want their dreams to come true and when they don't they get cranky. But don't try to invalidate their dreams. Dreams die hard and you won't win.

Instead, keep them focused on what they are getting and what that will lead to. Help them see that they should not miss a good opportunity even if it's not exactly what they had in mind.

Comment: This makes sense if the recruiter is a true specialist in the field and can give you a good idea of your market value (like one of the consultants on The Antique Roadshow). But the candidate has no way of knowing if this is really so.

And, then there is the problem of bias. The recruiter gets paid when the candidate decides to take the job so when it comes to being an advisor, the recruiter has a real conflict of interest.

Therefore, if a recruiter is going to persuade a candidate to adopt her perspective, she has to give solid evidence to back up her claims.

Source: Jason on Recruiting.com

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