My Moronic Diary

We've started getting hits from people using the new "Next Blog" random selection feature on Blogger. I checked out some of the blogs our new visitors come from. Here's a sampling.

Boredom follows me... Creeping at every corner, it lingers... I must discover something new to do/get...The world is wierd. And unfair. Almost neither of which are in my favor.
Name: Jon Choi, Location: I live on Earth. What more do you want from me?

my sanctuary
i'm lonely..i think i always will be. lonely in the sense that i feel i'm all alone in this world where the population is about 4 billion. but as they say.. "nakakasanayan din ang pagiging malungkot". ang bitter ng statement no? pero parang tama nga yun. pakiramdam ko rin kasi nasasanay na 'ko. "nakakasanayan nga ang pagiging malungkot."
Name: cursed, Location: Antipolo City, Philippines

Happy Birthday Joe!
Is it me, or does it seem that the older we get, the faster time spins away from us?... One more thing-I banged my elbow the other day. I know, I know- it HURTS!... This made me think, "I would rather get my armpit tattooed than bang my elbow."
Name: madartist, Location: Warren, Michigan, United States

Think they'll be back?

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