Bruce Springsteen, in his Forum article, "The Pola palooza Tour," proves that he, like so many other entertainers, is a limousine liberal hypocrite. If he believes there is so much economic injustice in this country, then he should give most of his millions back to the government, or at least to charities to the point where he could be considered "middle class." I would not expect him to live like Mother Teresa, but to complain about economic justice when you are a multimillionaire is a joke.

Michael V. Coseriu, Hinckley, OH (Friday, 8/13/2004, Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Re: Entertainers in the political arena's spotlight

Bruce Buys Lunch For NJ Housewives
The Boss was shopping at Barneys yesterday when he ran into a group of very excited New Jersey housewives. "Bruce took them all to lunch at Fred's," says our spy. "They were just sitting there in the middle of the restaurant, having a great time and downing tequila shots." Jersey native Springsteen chatted with his starstuck admirers before paying the fat tab and leaving.

(from Live Daily – Saturday, August 15, 1004)

Thursday, April 14 1955
Elvis leaves Breckenridge in the morning behind the wheel of his pink-and-white Cadillac, sporting pink slacks and an orchid-colored shirt.

Elvis Day By Day

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