Here are the signs.

- 75% of the people in your talent group know your name
- 35% of the people in your talent group know one of your key selling points.
- You're one of 3 places 50% of qualified pros would like to work someday.
- 10% of your applicants come from top 5 profitable firms in your industry or region.
- Employee referrals make up 50% of all hires.
- 50% of your candidates get offers from one of the top 10 firms in your industry
- Your firm hires more people from your top 5 competitors than they hire from you
- Managers at direct competitors speak well about your practices 25% of the time.
- You have a 10% return rate of past employees
- 50% of your past employees would consider returning
- When employees talk about why the firm is a great place they include your top selling point.
- Turnover rate of top 25% employees is below 5%.
- Your sign ups at college info events exceed the avg by 50%.
- Your lines at job fairs are 25% longer than your top direct talent competitor.
- Your jobs page gets 50% more web hits than the industry average.

Note: you need surveys and metrics to prove you're an EOC.


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