From Jason at Recruiting.101:

I am interested in creating a networking group for recruiters and people interested in the recruiting industry.

I think having inhouse recruiters discuss issues with third party recruiters would be very interesting and effective.

There could be advantages in having people who develop recruiting software to be included.

If you are interested in joining, please email me at
I actually met with a Jason a few days ago. He seems to be a creative business mind and a very nice guy.

As I understand it, Jason wants to create a group blog to which all blogging recruiters could contribute by cross-posting the most interesting entries from their own blogs. I know that the some Canadian political bloggers do this now on The Shotgun.

I intend to contribute postings to this central clearinghouse of the recruiting blogosphere. And I encourage you to do so too. If you're not a blogger but would like to contribute occasional postings, that's fine too.

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