Remember I told you about RECRUITING.COM?
It's a joint web log for recruiters.

Here's the initial strategy.
1. Get 7 bloggers.
2. Each one adopts one day of the week.
3. On that day you post the week's best entry from your blog on

What's in it for you?
1. Exposure. Each of the 7 will draw readers from their own blogs who will get to see you.

2. Recycle your best work. Do you ever regret spending a lot of time on an entry only to see it fade into the archives after a just a few days? Here's a chance to feature it again.

3. If you're blogging but not about work, here's the chance to do so once a week.

4. If you're not blogging, it's an opportunity to expound.

Think about it. And contact me or Jason at
Hat tip to Anthony for "Magnificent Seven"

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