Decision-making is stressful. And, excessive decision-making will lead you to a state of chronic confusion. So, powerful decision-makers limit their choices with guidelines like these.

1: Don't Research Everything Equally
Perfectionists are only satisfied with the best. Good-Enoughers are happy with something that is good enough. They don't care that somewhere out in the world there may be better alternatives.

Some decisions are so important that it makes sense to consider every option available. But nobody can maximize on every decision. We don't have the time.

2. Good Enough Is Better Than Perfection
Jason Timberlake is getting married to Cameron Diaz. She's pretty nice isn't she? Of course, she is. But the bets are on that he'll be tired of her in a year.

It's all because of the Hedonic Treadmill. That's the tendency to adapt to any change, good or bad, in a fairly short time. You get a raise, you're happy. Then you get used to it - and it isn't so special anymore.

That's right; perfection has a short shelf life. So when you're making a decision, why not go for Good-Enough rather than driving yourself nuts trying to discover a momentary ideal.

In decision-making less is more. And if you believe that, don't click on these links. That's right, it's a test: here and here.

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