There's something dramatic about reaching out. You reach out for help when you're drowning or when you're troubled by some grave difficulty or when you're undertaking a major endeavour.

You don't reach out when you're looking for help on a mundane project at work. But some corporate jargoners can't tell the difference.

I know a guy who's always "reaching out". He never phones you, he reaches out. In fact, he reached out to me on Friday.

In a mean sort of way, I kind of like the idea of telling someone "I'm reaching out to you". It's such an odd choice of words that it confuses the victim and while he's trying to figure out what you mean, you have time to say a lot things without interruption.

Will it catch on and have mass appeal? I don't think so. But it's already gained a fair bit of ground. Look at the dramatic pictures on this company uses to illustrate it's call centre software. They make "customer relation management" look like Adam reaching out to God.(Oddly enough, both hands look like they belong to babies).

And here's a great article: Reach Out and Touch More Business With Corporate Calling. Uh-oh, I wonder where that's heading? I can see it now: 'Reach Out' Boss Faces Harrassment Charge.

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