Superwoman Or Psychopath? Test Your Ego

When trouble hits the fan, egomaniac executives protect themselves at the expense of the company.

Do you have the kind of self-esteem that could land you in jail?

Answer TRUE or FALSE.

01. I love it when the phones are ringing and decisions must be made.
02. Other people find me attractive.
03. As a child, people always told me I was cute.
04. Audiences love me.
05. I can take this company to the next level.
06. I never worry about my mistakes.
07. Other people find me fascinating.
08. I can talk people out of anything.
09. I can get this country moving again.
10. Other people can't get enough of me.
11. Others can sense my power.
12. People often come to me for advice.
13. I can talk my way out of anything.
14. I never worry about my past mistakes.
15. I would like to be a professional gambler.
16. I can easily pretend to be someone else.

Score 1 point for each true answer.
Add up the number of true responses. What your score means:
00 to 04: You're too modest - be more of a self promoter!
05 to 08: Reasonable level of confidence.
09 to 12: Dangerous emotional territory.
13 to 16: Move over, Martha. You could be in prison soon.

Source: Hogan Assessments Systems

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