A Legal Headhunter Asks Questions

This blogger, a lawyer, was emailed some questions by a headhunter. They're good basic questions and people in any field would be wise to go through similar questions on their own and have answers ready all the time. Here's what the recruiter wanted to know.

1) Why did you leave your last position?

2) Describe your practice to me, broken down on a percentage basis (i.e. 30% securities, 40% corporate/commercial etc, obviously totaling 100).

3) What areas of law do you want to practice in, looking ahead?

4) How were your performance reviews? What are your strengths and what areas do you need to work on to become a better lawyer?

5) What remuneration were you at, and what is your minimum for a new position?

6) Where, geographically, would you be interested in going? Locally, nationally, internationally?

7) Do you speak any other languages or hold passports to countries other than Canada?

8) When can you start a new position?

9) How would you describe yourself, in terms of both your legal skills and your personality? Don’t be too reticent… brag a little!

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