Headhunter Aptitude Test

Latent Content has created a test for headhunters from the candidate's point of view. It's meant to cover the first five minutes of one's experience with a headhunter.

RULES: Start with 10 points. Go through the following modifiers. Subtract 1 point for every YES answer. Now tally up your score. Did your headhunter pass?

1. Take one point away if the headhunter says nothing for a few moments when you greet her with your name.

2. Take one point away if the headhunter calls more than 15 minutes after a scheduled time, another if more than 30, another if more than 60, and two more if she doesn’t call until a later date or never calls back.

3. Take a point if it is obvious that the headhunter is reading your resume for the first time while she talks to you.

4. Take two points if the headhunter is solely recruiting for positions for which your resume does not even remotely suggest you are experienced, qualified, or interested.

5. Take another point for a headhunter who offers to “keep you in the system” in case she “comes across anything.”

6. Take another point for each time a headhunter says her company is an “extremely selective globally renowned recruiting agency” or anything remotely similar, even if it is true.

Full test here

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