How To Prevent Acceptance of Counter-Offers

So, if you just put your hand in mine
You're gonna leave all your troubles behind
You're gonna walk and don't look back
Don't look back,
Ya gonna walk and don't look back
Don't look back.

Ask the candidate if she has ever accepted a counteroffer in the past.

[2] Keep the candidate well-informed of his status on an ongoing basis. Especially when there are long delays.

[3] Sell the job and company to the references who might be influencers.

[4] Tell the candidate all the standard arguments against counter-offers: No one will trust you inside the company. None of the promises will be fulfilled. You'll get a bad rep in the industry. Recruiters won't trust you. The boss will start looking for your replacement and then let you go. Most people who accept counteroffers regret it. etc

[5] Most important: Make sure the offer is enticing.

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