How Do You Say No To A Recruiter?

Dear Canadian Headhunter,
I have a good job right now but want to see if there are any better opportunities available. I posted my resume and got some email from recruiters. These opportunities are not better than what I have right now. What's the best way to respond to them ?

My suggestion is pretty straightforward.

[1] Be polite. Thank the recruiter for getting in touch with you.

[2] Tell her that the job mentioned is not of interest.

[3] Tell her that you would like her to keep you informed of any opportunities in the future.

[4] Tell her exactly what might interest you in terms of job titles, industry, geography, money.

[5] You can send her a resume for future reference or a thumbnail sketch of your background.

[6] If you can think of someone who might be qualified for the job, send the recruiter her name and contact info. Or, offer to send the recruiter's job description and contact info to your contact and let the recruiter know that you have passed it on.

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