Interview Lunches

It's hard to be interviewed and eat lunch at the same time. Eating does not make you look impressive. Especially when you're talking. Proof? Well, here are some photographs of celebrities eating.

Now, I know that Zen masters and other spiritual adepts supposedly do everything with equal grace but I couldn't find any photographs of them. I did find, however, a Zen talk about tea which includes this little gem:

Have you ever noticed that an empty cup is full? Full of emptiness, and more of a cup for being so.

Wow, that's heavy. And as long as we are speaking of spiritual things, here is an interesting question. If you're at lunch with an interviewer and you're in the habit of saying grace before meals, should you reach over and grab the interviewer's hand, close your eyes and say your prayers before eating your food? Others, of course, have pondered this question before. For instance:

I know someone who wonders why her friends can’t just pray in the parking lot before they join the group. Why do they have to be close to the food to give thanks? And why do they have to pray out loud?

And, finally, since we're speaking of eating and gurus (were we?), here is an interesting article about phony claims by health gurus. What does that have to do with recruiting? I could make up a reason, but since not many people are going to read this anyway (it is a holiday, isn't it), I won't. Regards, MK.

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