Success Equals Pain

Only a minority of people achieve success. Why? Because success is unnatural. We cannot achieve it by following our instincts or preferences. In fact, the secret of success lies in forming the habit of doing things that most people do not like to do.

Most people don't like to clarify objectives, record and analyze their time, or plan their work week. Successful people don't like doing it either but they know that doing these things will help them achieve their goals.

In terms of ends and means, unsuccessful people are motivated by pleasing methods and will accept whatever results they can obtain by trying to do only what they like.

They find it easier to adjust to the hardships of poor results than to face the hardships of improving results and will tolerate all kinds of discomfort in order to avoid initiating activities they find distasteful.

Based on Manage Your Time, Manage Your Work, Manage Yourself by Merrill E. Douglass and Donna N. Douglass (AMACOM, 1980).)

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