Listening Skills.

Do you have good listening skills?

"Of course!" You reply. "It is one of my strengths."

In an interview we are all ears and anxious to demonstrate our listening skills. But the screening process happens not just in the interview but during all points of contact with the candidate and the recruiter or client company.

For example I am currently working on a fairly senior search at the VP level. I contacted a potential candidate who told that she wouldn't be interested in the position unless it was a minimum of $150,000.00. I told her that was no problem the client was willing to be very competitive in order to attract the right person.

I sen't her a position description.

She replied with an email asking questions about the benefits and some other details including potential for growth. I emailed her back with answers to those questions.

A week to 10 days went by and I heard nothing from her. So I picked up the phone and left her a voice mail asking her if she was still interested.

Minutes later an email (not a phone call) appeared saying she would need more information, in particular benefits and growth opportunities AND "we haven't talked about compensation yet".

Even though this person is working directly for a competitor she isn't impressing me with her listening skills.

For me I already have some reservations about her even if she becomes a candidate.

Remember the screening process is as much about how you act outside the interview as opposed to during the interview. Consider the whole process an audition. The interview is just the final act.

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