Do Hiring Authorities Prefer Blondes?

Is it true blondes get more jobs?
You can be a blonde and see!
A Lady Clairol blonde,
A blooming shining blonde
Admit it, friends, the world has gone blonde crazy. At least, women have gone blonde crazy. Yo, yo, yo, even Li'l Kim is a blonde - sort of. Is it a response to market demands from men or something that women themselves prefer, like the ugly shoulder pads that blemished the 1980s?

Either way, if blonde is so good you might expect that it would be reflected in hiring preferences. I doubt it though and here's why. We always hear that tall people get offered more and better jobs than short people. And, while it's undeniable that there is a cultural or instinctual bias in favour of tall people, I don't think it has an impact in the employment market.

Looks might have an affect on some jobs that are in the public eye and very much oriented toward pleasing people - like restaurant hostesses -but take a look at Fortune Magazine. Do the people featured there look particularly imposing? (The people in the articles, not the ads).

And so it goes with blonde. Many people like it but I don't think it figures in hiring decisions at all. (Or most romantic ones either).

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