Relationship recruiting

Companies can avoid the need to rely on quick judgements made during interviews by stretching the assessment process out over time. Relationship recruiting turns strangers into people we know well and who know us well.

Because these candidates are pre-assessed and pre-sold over a long period of time, their offer acceptance rate is high and their job failure rate low.

It begins with the continuous collection of names of top performers. The initial name collection can be done through Google Internet searches or employee referrals, or by identifying people at conferences and events.

Contact these people. Invite them to company events. Look them up at conferences. Send them a monthly newsletter. After three to six months, approach them about any interest they might have in jobs at your firm sometime in their careers.

Hire them as consultants for few evenings or a weekend and have them work with your team. Both sides know quickly whether there is a fit. And, once they get to know your organization, selling them becomes much easier.

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