The Easiest Placement in the World

The famous recruitment trainer Steve Finkel tells a story of how he bid on the search for the position of City Manager for the city of Dallas Texas. He didn’t get the search but the firm that did after what he presumed was months and months of search and research and interviews recommended as its finalist candidate – the assistant City Manager of Dallas Texas.

Heidrick and Struggles seems to have taken a page out of that very same book in it’s most recent high profile search for the new head of Coca Cola. It was announced yesterday that Coke will now be run by Neville Isdell who was lured out of retirement to take the role.

Mr. Isdell’s former position? CEO of Coca Cola HBC the world’s second largest Coca Cola bottler.

Don Keough, the Coca-Cola board member in charge of the search [said] that Mr. Isdell had been the first choice from the beginning.

Wow I wish my searches were that easy. Just in case you don’t know the typical fee on a search like that is 30% of the total compensation.

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