Commerical Holidays Are Good

Have you ever heard people dismiss Mother's Day as a holiday invented by card companies to bilk consumers our of money? What about people who dismiss the popular image of Santy Claus as a mere invention of the Coca Cola company?

Businesses have a complicated relationship with the marketplace. On the one hand they want to find ways to serve you so that you will be willing to pay them. On the other hand, the human beings involved in business have a natural inclination to serve themselves before they serve other people.

So, you can't always trust someone who wants to sell you something. But that doesn't mean that everything created by a business in order to make money is a mere scam either. And, I think that Mother's Day falls into the latter category.

Most adults appreciate their mother's commitment to their well-being and there's nothing wrong with having a
day set aside to give her a special nod. Even if it was created by a cabal of greeting card makers in order to make money, that doesn't mean it was a bad idea.

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