Joel On Interviewing 14: Ending the Interview

Finally, ask the candidate if she has any questions. Some people like to see if the candidate will ask intelligent questions, which is a standard technique in the interviewing books.

Personally, I don't care what questions they ask; by this point I've already made my decision. The trouble is, candidates have to see about 5-6 people in one day, and it's hard for them to ask 5-6 people different, brilliant questions, so if they don't have any questions, fine.

I always leave about 5 minutes at the end of the interview to sell my company. This is very important even if you are not going to hire the candidate.

If you've been lucky enough to find a really good candidate, you want to do everything to make sure that she wants to come aboard.

Even if they are bad candidates, you still want to get them excited about your firm. Think of it this way: these people are not just potential hires; they are also customers. They are also salesmen for our recruiting effort: if they think that this is a great place to work, they will encourage their friends to apply.

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