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Read the following 20 statements and give yourself one point for each one that describes you.

01. I’ve succeeded in jobs that reward performance with
02. My work ethic, planning and organizational skills are great.
03. I don’t make excuses. I look for solutions.
04. I try to learn new things everyday.
05. When I start something I finish it.
06. I enjoy the challenges of Account Development.
07. People marvel at my ability to juggle 12 things at once.
08. I negotiate for the best price when I purchase things
09. I have an entrepreneurial sprit.
10. I have no problem speaking my mind when I’m in the right.
11. When I commit to doing something, I give 120%. People think
I’m obsessive.
12. I thrive at providing great Service to Clients.
13. I am currently involved in sales or recruiting.
14. In school, I excelled in academic or sports endeavors.
15. I want to be passionate about my career.
16. When meeting new people I let them do the talking until I
know how they tick.
17. I don’t like it when people tell me to slow down and relax.
18. I enjoy working in a competitive team environment.
19. I thrive under pressure, happiest when I have lots to do.
20. I truly enjoy helping people succeed.

If 17 or more statements describe you, call Tony today.
If 14 to 16 statements apply to you, e-mail your resume to Tony.
If 13 or fewer statements apply to you, recruiting is probably not a good career.

Salary: $50k - $60k

Sacre bleu! After all that. Sounds like an order-taking position as it goes on: Inside Sales Account Development Experiences a must. - Good computer skills; MS Office.

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