Gautam Ghosh Review

Gautey claims to have have discovered a great online guide on how to use Executive Recruiters. Hey, it's not a bad intro but the very first point is wicked frikkin' nonsense.

"Always mail a resume with cover letter". And they do mean plain old ordinary snail mail since they also refer to inexpensive postage. My friends, if you send your resume by any other means than email, the recruiting firm won't have a way to get it into its database.

Gautey also points out that western executives are once again seeking work experience in the colonies. Apparently, improved sanitary conditions and standards of living have made India a mecca for expats, reversing the flow of Indians looking for work overseas.

Gaut notes that headhunter, Egon Zehnder, receives 20 resumes a month from foreign executives seeking posts in the subcontinent. Quite the flow. What's that I hear about an AIDS epidemic? Nothing, I guess.

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