Heather, the popular marketing recruiter at Microsoft, has some rules for using job boards.

1) When a recruiter does a search on a job board it shows her your resume headline. Job titles make good headlines. “Resume of Joe Smith”...NO!
“Strategic professional with an eye on the bottom line”...NO, NO NO, NO, NO!!!!

Please note, Heather hates certain buzz words: strategic, cutting-edge, out-of-the-box, groovy, bitchin', wicked frickin' pissa.

2) Dummies use the headline to tell us what they want, not what they do. Heather hates that and advises career changers to stay away from the
J-bo's (that's recruiter talk for Job Boards).

3) If you keep parts of your resume confidential (unrevealed) it makes recruiters mad.

4) Recruiters use search agents that seek out key words on resumes and deliver the top ten results to their inbox.

If you post your rezzie during a heavy posting period you might not get into the search agent's top spots. Too much compo (that's Australian, mate, for competition).

Here are the spike times in resume posting: Weekends. Holidays. After major layoff announcements. After economic projections. New Year's. Summer vacation.

5) Don't post more than one rezzie during a short period of time. You'll look like a desperate loser.

6) Don't apply to every job a company has posted. It tells us you're goofy. Only apply for those your skills most closely match.

7) Monster's site moves faster and has a better interface than hot jobs so recruiters use it more.

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