There are four critical indicators of achievement:
1. information; 2. intelligence; 3. skill; 4. attitude.

And, attitude is the overwhelming factor in success.
So you must maintain a positive attitude.

"But, how my friends, how?" the weary traveller asks.

James (not Earl) Ray is the author of Le Science de Success.
He can tell you how.

1. Focus on solutions, not the problem.

If you're skiing down a mountain and there’s a big rock in front of you, you have to shift your focus to the right or the left to avoid it. Isn't that so?

Of course it is, because, if you focus on the rock alone, you’re going to run into it, aren't you?

That's why, when something really awful happens, you have to look for the silver lining.

2. Pick Reasonable Goals.

Achievement creates confidence. If you set goals you know you can handle, you'll end up with some achievements under your belt.

You'll have a reason to go around saying "That's possible" and "I can". This positive thinking will build your sense of power.

3. Own your results.

Keep the power psychologically in your hands. Dona poina da finga.


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