Voice Mail III

Just a couple more things on voice mail and then I’ll leave it.

1. When you leave a voice mail leave your first and last name. I can’t tell you how many times a candidate calls me and assumes since we have spoken before I know them by their first name.

“Hi, Anthony it’s Jim calling give me a call…..”

First of all I have many Jim’s in my database – don’t assume I will know which one you are. Additionally leave your company name as well. That will tie it in really quickly for me.

2. Always always always leave your phone number. It doesn’t matter how many times I have spoken to you before don’t assume I have memorized your number. I have it on my computer but make it easy for me – leave it on the voice mail so I can call you back quickly. I leave my number on every voice mail even when I am calling my Mother. It just makes it that much easier on the person that you want to call you back.

Remember the easier you make it for the headhunter the more inclined we are to look upon you favorably. We are human after all.

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