It's A Dumb Question

Recently, I've been looking for a Bilingual Customer Service Rep.

It's more junior than the jobs I usually work on and I've found people endlessly asking me - in a concerned and often accusatory manner - "Where did you get my name!".

Friends, these people are in sales and customer service. They are part of the face their companies show to their public. Can they really be so surprised that someone might find out their names?

Moreover, what's the big deal? Some people fear that their own bosses have hired me to test them or to get them out of their firms. But, really, if those cloak and dagger scenarios ever really happen they must be very, very rare. I've never been hired to do that and I don't think Anthony has either.

And, the truth is that these people are lucky to have recruiters call! Can you imagine somebody seeking you out to tell you about a potentially better job with absolutely no cost or obligation at your end. Who says there's no free lunch? The next time someone asks me that question I think I might just say "Your fairy godfather." But I know they'll hear "Big Brother".

Actually, I suspect that they all know it's not Big Brother but many people find that talking to a stranger on the phone is a good opportunity to huff and puff and be indignant - which
is something they might not have the guts to do with the people who play a real part in their lives. After all, if they really believed I was Tony Soprano, they wouldn't act so tough, would they?

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